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Why Choose A Logo Designer: Create Your Own Custom Logos Vs Hiring A Logo Designer

Hiring A Logo Designer


Creating Your Own Logo

There is a lot of saturation in the market for logo design. More DIY resources are popping up left and right advertising ‘create your own custom logo’, ‘design a logo’, ‘use our logo maker’ and more. These kinds of services are popular because more people are starting their own businesses and creating their own side hustles, which is absolutely great.

Logo makers and those kinds of services work for some businesses but I don’t think it’s a fit for every business.

Because of these resources, the value of working with a logo designer is being lost. Generators pull from the process of logo design, they include basic level of color psychology and standard imagery but a logo can be so much more. A logo isn’t just a symbol or shape with some color that you can use to make your business look official, a logo should represent the brand. It should hold meaning about the brand or business mission, goals, values, services etc.

The Art of Logo Design

Logo Sketch

When I was in school and learning logo design, creating a visual image or logotype that represented the company involved hours of sketching and brainstorming. It involved understanding the client, the audience, the way the branding will be used, readability and more.

I’m sure that’s what the DIY logo makers are compensating for. They utilize decent competents that can be put together and make a logo that is visually appealing and professional looking without needing a designer. But it’s missing the unique touch that comes from the mind of a creative who has taken the time to understand you and your brand.

As an artist, I see why it’s so easy for people not to understand the value. Art is subjective. I know artists who paint abstract shapes and painters who paint hyper realistic. You can't really say which one is better. It’s not necessarily the look or style that determines the value but the time and craft that went into it.

Logo design is the same way.

A designer comes with inside knowledge about the principles of design and an understanding of typography combined with an artistic eye and taking the time to contemplate your brand. We see things that the average person may not see, and we are taught to look for it. A good designer is not just there to give a logo, they are trying to give you an identity.

Can You See A Difference?

Logo Design

Created with Design Hill

Logo Design

Created with Smashing Logo

Logo Design

Created by Me

I used a logo builder and I designed my own for the same company.

It’s not that generated logos are ugly or visually unappealing. And for some, that may be what they are looking for. But they do have a few flaws:

  • They don’t capture the client's message or the uniqueness of their brand

  • The typography (text) is generally basic and not integrated into a composition

  • They lack the details that come from designing a logo by hand

  • The symbolism can be generic and typical

Main Quest Transportation was looking for a professional and clean logo with unique hidden imagery. They wanted to include influences from fantasy and gaming references. Something that would look good on the side of a truck. A logo that was professional, business friendly but unique.

The generated logos look ‘okay’, but they are generic. While going through the process I saw there was some varied imagery, but it pulled a lot from the visual of vehicles.

The typography of the generated logos were also very flat and basic. They don’t really stand out. Working with a designer allows for a trained professional take your input and combine it with the principles of good design. It’s almost like comparing a standard fast food meal with a handcrafted chef meal. If the chef really knows what they are doing and cares, you’ll taste the difference.

The Value of A Logo Designer

People tend to understand certain professions and their value more. Like Doctors. Not everyone goes to the doctor, some people can’t afford to. There is certainly a lot of information that you can find online and home remedies are a thing. I would think of DIY logo makers like that. But there are just some things you can’t do yourself and you need to go see a doctor. And there are some things that you need to see a designer for.

For serious business professionals who want a unique logo and are looking for a brand that is cohesive, elevated and set apart, hiring a designer may be the right thing.

Business owners that are not confident in their brand or are seeking a legitimate professional logo to back their business and reinforce trust with their clients, a logo designer may be the correct choice. A designer can offer creative solutions that go a level deeper than a logo maker can.

There is value in hiring an actual designer whose job it is to do what you can’t. It gives you more time to focus on your services and products so you can do what you do best by letting a professional do what they do best. Let’s all grow together.



Do You Need A Logo Design?


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