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Book Design


Publish your own book.

If you’re a first time author, a self-publishing author or an independent author in need of graphic design services to launch your next book, this is for you.


I have worked with authors and publishing companies for almost a decade. I provide a full graphic service from start to finish, giving you a personal experience you won’t find with a publishing company.

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What I do for you

Publishing a book can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. But I’ve got you covered. For the design stand point, I can format your book and give you a file ready for print. If you are an independent publisher who needs a graphic designer to add to your team, look no further!

  • Cover Design

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Formatting

  • Cover Formatting

Book Layout Design

A La Carte

You may add A La Carte services to any package. These include but are not limited to logo design, web design and animation.

Book Design

Your Investment

Each service is uniquely priced to match your business needs and determined with your project scope. 

Starting At


The Creative Process

I handle the entire process of formatting and designing your book. I update you throughout the process so you can make edits and request changes. Books tend to take around 8 - 12 weeks. Here is an overview of the process:


Phase 1: Layout

During this phase, I will design and typeset the first few pages/chapters of your book. This is to determine the overall
layout and design direction. I also provide you with a few cover concepts as well.


Phase 2: Formatting/Typesetting

I complete the layout and design direction for the entire book. 


Phase 3: Finalizing Formatting/Typesetting

I complete all the formatting which includes adjusting spaces, indents, reviewing grammatical and punctuation errors.


Phase 4: Proofreading

During this phase we will overlook the entire book to make sure everythign is tight and clean.


Phase 5:
Final Draft/Submission

You will receive a final draft of your completely formatted and proofread book ready for print.

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